Website Design

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The creative choreography of Logo, Text, Photos and Structure determines the appeal and success of your website.

In need of a new website for your start-up or existing SME? 

Should it be contemporary, clearly defined, user friendly and optimally market your services/products? Would you also like it to be affordable and up and running within a reasonable time frame? Then you are in the right place - that is exactly what you can expect from our website design service.

Would you prefer to designate the task of creating your new website to competent hands? Again, then you are in the right place - we have a keen and creative eye as well as the necessary experience.​

Do you want the freedom of being able to update your website yourself at any given time? No problem - we will school you on how to do just that in no time at all. However, should you prefer to leave this aspect to us, you can rest assured that we will deal with your updates quickly and efficiently. 

​Everything, well, nearly everything, is possible! In addition to the cornerstone pages of your site it is of course possible to incorporate Blogs, Booking Systems, Webshops, Pop-ups, Videos, dynamic Photo Galleries and more.​

Process Overview


First off we'll simply listen to you! At this stage we aim to gain a clear picture of your business, your services/products and your requirements. We are flexible, this initial meeting can take place in person at our studio in Zug or at your place of business (*travel expenses not included), or even over the phone and by email if that works more efficiently for you.  

Structure Definition

Together we will define the structure of your website according to your needs. How many, and most importantly, what pages are necessary? How is the navigation menu to be built in order to make your site as user-friendly and well structured as possible? This and more will be defined in order to lay the fundaments of your new website.


Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand - your business identity. It helps customers understand what you do, who you are and what you value. It should be instantly recognisable and stand out from your competition. It is the basis from which the design of your website evolves i.e. colours, style, message etc.

Do you already have a logo? If not, we can assist in creating one for you.


Less is more. Your text should be formulated in a customer-oriented manner and be to the point.

You need to give this careful consideration and it is worth spending time on it before delivering your final text to us.

Should you need support with this task, please ask, we may well be able to be of assistance. 


Do suitable photos/graphics already exist? e.g. key people, products, premises, concept photos etc. If not, we can competently cover all your photography needs. 

Domain Name 

Is your www address already reserved/registered? If yes, we can transfer it to your new site. If not, we can assist. 

Custom Email Address

Your existing Email address can be linked to your website or, if necessary, we can create a new Mail box customised with your domain name e.g.

Mobile/Tablet Optimisation

Your new website also needs to display correctly on mobile phones and tablets. We will optimise it for this purpose just as soon as we've connected it to the Internet. 

Search Engine Optimisatoin

Basic search machine optimisation based on your domain name and the optimal search terms for your business are of course part of the package. 


Basic Package


Four page website e.g. Home, Services/Products, About Us, Contact 

Flat-rate: CHF 850

Included in the flat-rate:

Briefing in our Studio in Zug, or by phone and Email (or at your place of business if you would prefer - *travel expenses not included)

Structure definition


Integration of your Logo 

Integration of your text 

Integration of your photos 

Let's get started!

Next we'll be excited to show you the first design suggestion and receive your feedback.

Taking your feedback into consideration we will diligently work on further shaping your web presence into your vision and presenting you with the final version. 

Last small changes are still possible within the flat-rate at this stage, i.e. before going online (* further extensive / comprehensive changes at this stage incur additional costs - for which we will of course provide you with a cost estimate).

Once the design is finalised we will optimise your website for Google (search words)

The moment has come - your website goes online!

Your site will now be optimised for mobiles/tablets

You now have a choice - we will either a) teach you how to make future changes/implement updates to your website yourself e.g. News, Infos etc. (1 hour in our Studio in Zug, or at your place of business (*travel expenses not included) if that works more efficiently for you, or b) we will carry out your first updates at a later date, as and when required (1 hour work).

Not included in the flat-rate:


Domain Host monthly fee  (as a general rule approx. CHF 11 )

Web Host monthly fee  (as a general rule approx. CHF 9 )

Email Host monthly fee  (as a general rule approx. CHF 5 )

These costs occur with every website, irrespective of who creates it for you and are billed to you directly by the relevant companies. 


We can of course add further pages and features to your website should the basic package not cover all your requirements.

Per additional page with text, photos and infos etc* CHF 150 

(*text and photos to be supplied by you)

We will be happy to provide you with a tailor made solution and cost estimate should your business require an Online Shop, a Booking System or other more complex functions and features.